Travon Sellers
Senior Designer
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Designer + visual storyteller.

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Design. Inclusivity. Diversity. Equality. Mentorship. Branding. Marketing. Digital. Innovation. Sustainability. UX.


Travon Sellers is a Senior Designer based in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in art direction, branding, digital strategy, web design, and UX.

As a proud Black designer raised in the Midwest, Travon celebrates positive change and impact through design and experiences that have a lasting impact.

With over a decade of experience, Travon has mastered branding, digital, and web design, earning recognition as one of 32 under 32 award finalists for up-and-coming marketing and advertising professionals.

Beyond design, he's a devoted father and passionate DEIB advocate, serving on the board of directors for The BrandLab, a nonprofit fostering diversity in the industry. Driven by his mission to make a difference, Travon merges strategy with storytelling to create impactful designs. If you seek a designer who delivers results with care, look no further.

Travon graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communications from Minnesota State University.

Agency: KNOCK, Inc.

Core Values

We collaborate with clients whose values reflect our own and extend beyond profit. This includes charities, non-profit organizations, social enterprises, government, and purpose-led businesses. Let's make good things happen together.

We’re purpose-driven – all design decisions we make are intentional and serve your strategic aims. By understanding the context and complexities of every project through workshops and research, we can create what you really need.

When it comes to addressing the world’s most complex problems, we know we can’t do it alone. By considering human and consumer needs at every step of the process, we build design solutions that matter.
By leading with collaboration, we cultivate excitement, engagement and impact. We work in partnership with your team and stakeholders to deliver regenerative solutions, assets and insights to the most complex challenges.
Understanding something is the first step towards transforming it. We’re experts at creating stand-out messages, simplifying language and finding resonant ways to tell your story so it connects.
Photo of Travon Sellers working on a laptop

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